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  • Irving
    5 hours 3 minutes ago

    Buy Generic Viagra Online…

  • Irving has just joined the Shabong community
    5 hours 5 minutes ago
  • sativatravis added a video.
    9 hours 44 minutes ago
  • Dope is friends with 335jmb
  • CO2NC87
    13 hours 5 minutes ago

    Smoking this CandyLand Kush

    sativatravis buzzed off of light bud, bud light got me high.
    10 hours 17 minutes ago
  • Vanaller
    13 hours 7 minutes ago

    If any one is interested in a non portable vaporizer message me

  • CO2NC87 is friends with Travel2much
  • CO2NC87
    13 hours 35 minutes ago

    New to this

    Vanaller I am new too
    12 hours 59 minutes ago 1
  • CO2NC87 has just joined the Shabong community
    13 hours 38 minutes ago
  • Vanaller
    16 hours 27 minutes ago

    Everyone here from CO?

    sativatravis where you from
    9 hours 18 minutes ago
  • Vanaller has just joined the Shabong community
    16 hours 37 minutes ago
  • christrezia has just joined the Shabong community
    19 hours 18 minutes ago
  • MMRockiesFrisco
    20 hours 40 minutes ago

    5 Reasons Cops Want to Legalize Marijuana - makes sense. What do you think? ‪#‎fight4it‬ ‪#‎legalizeit‬ ‪#‎endprohibition‬

  • King Pen Vapes
    20 hours 59 minutes ago

    For anyone interesting in quitting smoking...

  • Steve7910 has just joined the Shabong community
  • tmcches has just joined the Shabong community
    2 days ago
  • ThcBuz thanks user 'Roger the Shrubber' in the forum message ' can you recommend LED lights?'.
    2 days ago
  • rangerbob333 has just joined the Shabong community
    3 days ago
  • alpine archer
    3 days ago

    sad day I have lost my apprentice v420matt he and his wife had to go back home after only three months in state. those guys have helped me considerably.(mat remember what you have learned save you it can lol) grow well and be well my friend

    sativatravis hats off to v420matt and wife. good to see shabongers helping each out. hey archer the dawgs waltz is just awsome thank you your a good dude.

    ps did you get that rks in the dirt yet?
    10 hours 7 minutes ago
  • chad1122 shared a photo.
    3 days ago

    Can anyone help me out and tell me what this might be it almost looks like mold but I'm not sure it also looks like it might be a nutritant deficiency but I'm not sure please help me out guys I'm kinda new to growing

    sativatravis maybe a disease invading. i would cull those fan leaves and run a organic rich compost tea over the soil. this will build up micro organisms to fight off and slow the disease.
    10 hours 1 minute ago

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