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  • Mella shared 3 photos in the grow journal pics album
    Pictures of multiple grows in same space.
    9 minutes ago
    JohnnyTHCeeds That is really funny. I have always used the three part GH Nutes, until now. I still have several gallons left in the barn that have expired since I last grew. I did use them once since it expired and they worked fine. The micro separated but I just shook it up for awhile and it grew nice little crop.
    5 days ago
  • Mella shared 4 photos in the Do not adjust your screen. album
    19 minutes ago
    Mella last day. Im taking this one tonight.
    18 minutes ago
  • question< is it okay to throw my veg plants into flower while there trying to comeback from a mold problem,? the tops of them are yellow and shrively ,, will i have problems in growth and yield? or will they start growing normal since there transitioning?????? please help
    4 hours 39 minutes ago
    CBGB8117 IMO any time you put a plant into flower with out it having a thriving metabolism yield and end quality will suffer. Not to mention if you don't get control of the mold you flowers will be ruined. The flip will help but by no means will the plant hit its potential.
    2 hours 52 minutes ago
  • many thanks to dose I learned a lot and had a good time doing it. feeling a lot more comfortable going to the next stage of my grow thanks again
    7 hours 6 minutes ago
  • Shawndizzl has just joined the Shabong community
    12 hours 1 minutes ago
  • (Nl5 x c99)x(Cheese x Afghan), Acid x RKS, Harlequin x Appy, So. American Land Race, maybe more can't remember. The special instructions are enjoy. Haha peace CBGB
    15 hours 33 minutes ago
    Dose Nice.
    7 hours 50 minutes ago
  • birdie has just joined the Shabong community
    15 hours 42 minutes ago
  • Shabong shared a photo in the Shabong's Photos album
    16 hours 35 minutes ago
    Grinch lol what he didnt say is colorado has more healthy people then most states in the us.. Also some of the most active.. Marijuana can be fit into a healthy lifestyle very easily..
    10 hours 29 minutes ago
  • Depression.........
    20 hours 34 minutes ago
    PTSDgrower so true
    10 hours 15 minutes ago
  • So harvested my first plant EVER. the trimming was very sticky to do but I am so excited for when its done curing and I will get to smoke something I actually grew. AND I COULDNT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT ALL OF YOU. all my endless questions you answered patiently i wish i lived close so you could all try this stuff when its done. HUGE THANK YOUS AND HUGS TO TRAVEL, MELLA, DOSE, TGM, AND EVERYONE
    20 hours 54 minutes ago
    MinnBobber Yes, that must feel good. hope to do it myself---someday....
    17 hours 17 minutes ago
  • I live in Illinois soon we well have medical marijuana. I would like to be apart this with having my on dispensary . Don't know where to began Any ideas on how I can get started? Thank you for any info
    21 hours 12 minutes ago
    MinnBobber Hi,
    I read a little but best to check the law. From what I remember , there would be only a limited number and concentrated around Chicago. Key elements would be----financial requirements as many states require mega-bucks liquid capital to even apply.....
    i'll try to find what I read
    17 hours 15 minutes ago
  • bluelady58 has just joined the Shabong community
    21 hours 35 minutes ago
  • <<< enjoys eating too much pot.
    21 hours 37 minutes ago
  • Yo Dose, I made some brownies with that oil you gave me. Just ate two. Woo hoo!
    21 hours 38 minutes ago
    Dose It's a good thing. That oil was made from over thirty different strains.
    20 hours 3 minutes ago
  • even tho other parts of my life aren't going as planned. I got up this morning and did a little gardening, to my surprize , my tomato plant is taking off and my grape ape is looking great! Maybe this will be a better day...
    Dose They probably became stressed out and pollinated the other plant if you are unable to find any bananas on it.
    14 hours 2 minutes ago
  • Gumus has just joined the Shabong community
  • Hi Shabongers!! I havent been posting too much lately but have been reading all of your posts. I've been busy with harvests, school, and a job search (which is going horribly).
    I took a bunch of cuttings from my AKs recently and I will be having to figure out where to put them all. I was wondering if any of you have an extra T5 light that could be spared for a few weeks.
    Ran out of space.......
    shep222 I'm in Denver but I could come to wherever I needed to.
    19 hours 52 minutes ago
  • Zipped has just joined the Shabong community
  • Can't wait for the rest of the equip to arrive, and these seeds to germinate.. Maybe I should play them some Mozart or something..
    PTSDgrower play some 2pac, make em gangsta...
  • guess this means no naked softball kids lol
  • Greenfairy uploaded a new avatar.
  • Started germination today,
    I did some Big Bud and some Rando mix seeds, none are fem seeds.

    I kinda mixed and matched methods from around the interweb, so we will see how it goes. Didn't record a video on this one but I will do a walk through for information purposes (might work might not) when the rest of the seeds come through. More in comments section..
    Agrogarden First I mixed my nutrient solution,
    This is a recipe straight from the backs of bottles with alittle random math, guess work, and with trusting the dropper that came with some vitamins I had laying around. These calculations were assuming each drop to be .05ml of nutrient.

    I started out with a 1 Gal jug of slightly chilled Distilled, reverse Osmosis water, close to 0-PPM

    ---Added 76 (Give or take) Drops per gallon Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow part A for 1mL per L
    ---Added 76 (Give or Take) drops per gallon Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow part B 1mL per L
    I messed up and had a brain fart on the Roots Excelurator and only added 22 drops, I forgot to convert 1L to 1 Gal so I mixed for 1L instead, but it shouldent be a big deal at this point. More of a big deal after germination..
    ---Added 22 drops (Give or take) House and Garden Root Excelurator.
    ---Added 76 drops Advanced Nutrients Piranha
    ---Added 30 drops Advanced Nutrients Tarantula
    ---Added 152 drops Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice
    After this I have a hazy gallon of Nutrient water. From there I had to add a few drops of PH up to get the PH correct. After all this my water has a cool 215 PPM dosage of nutes.

    I took a seed starter tray with humidity dome, layered the bottom with 2 or three layers of paper towels.and soaked it with the nutrient water. Then I put the seeds on top of the soggy paper towels, put more paper towels on top and soaked them with the nutrient water. Then I put the dome over the top so I wont have to worry about the paper towels drying out..
    With the remaining gallon of Nutrients I soaked some Pearlite (Im not sure if this is a good idea or not, it might get soggy or something IDK).

    Here's the game plan for the rest of the operation untill transplanting them into the hydro system which is still in the planning phase.

    When the seeds Germinate I will take them out off the container they are in a place them on a paper towel that is damp to avoid them drying out. I am going to spread another layer or two of paper towels over the ones already in the tray to make sure no water drips out and onto the floor.
    -Take the Perlite that will have been soaking for a few days and spread it out on the bottom of the tray..
    -Take the germinated seeds and plant them root down in the perlite solution and cover the tray with the humidity dome (I didn't forget to label which seeds were where in the beginning and I will need to remember to put the seeds where they go)

    This should give me plants popping up out of the pearlite solution and im hoping for some long roots to start out the grow with.. The beauty of the pearlite stuff is I will have bare roots to put into the cloner. After they are big enough I will prep my cloner and transplant the newborns into the EZ Cloner for some more growth.. Then to the hydro system...
    I thought this out pretty good (Minus the Root Excelurator mishap which I might be correcting with the perlite stuff, if not then it will be corrected in the Cloner) but never hurts to have someone elses input or opinion.
  • If you haven't smoked weed in Garden of the Gods, do yourself a favor.
    MinnBobber I searched....Valley of the Gods is in Utah. Garden of the Gods by Colorado Springs!
  • jdo80 Dose
    Just noticed you had surgery. Hope you are doing well.
    I find getting lit and listening to the birds to be very therapeutic.
    My Grandmother kept a crow she found as a wounded chick, it imprinted on her and would post outside. It knew a few words and mimicked sounds.
    Not sure why this thought popped in my head but it did :) Maybe over all the craziness and whatnot regarding the Bundy Ranch thing.
    Dose I am doing as well as can be expected. Passing kidney stones is no picnic, and there's so damn many of them. I find getting lit with my chicken helps. I have a partridge cochin, it lays Easter eggs in different pastel shades.

    What is the bundy ranch thing?
  • jdo80 KGB
    TY for the friend add. Hope you had a good and safe 4/20 Easter.
  • Noticing a trend on the news. Reefer Madness 2.0! Apparently the cartels in concordance with politicians kickbacks are losing money on CO & WA state's legalization.
    Demonize the herb on all MSM channels. Omit facts. Obfuscate facts.
    Promote booze and Opiates and promoting opiates is the newest trend with cartels and company.
    Heroin use is surging, Google image search "Troops Guarding Poppy Fields"
    Greenfairy Cyboxin this stuff is to help you get off dope they will give you a five year prescription basically the treatment becomes your new drug that you get for five dollars a strip. Its a sub-lingual ( oral under the tongue) Withdrawals are bad too. It is still an opiate. I found that a combination of white willow bark and a few other teas make the withdrawals tolerable for one of my patients.
  • KGB is friends with jdo80
  • Faded to put it slightly lol
  • I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4/20 Easter. I was working but the extra time will make up for it
  • Mella shared a photo in the Mella's Photos album
    Greenfairy put them inside jewel (cd) cases

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