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  • broken glass piece, steaks (sorry vegans T2m I know you like to keep a girlish figure) Beers, Good Weather, Enjoying it. burried by last victim
    22 minutes ago
    sativatravis I just set up fly strips and caught a fly and all of a sudden a black widow comes out must have heard the fly buzz on the tacky strip killed two birds one stone. and I remember I have seen them around here before
    18 minutes ago
  • Removed
    2 hours 8 minutes ago
  • kory478 has just joined the Shabong community
    4 hours 19 minutes ago
  • 5280con420 has just joined the Shabong community
    6 hours 50 minutes ago
  • Removed
    8 hours 6 minutes ago
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    8 hours 15 minutes ago
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    18 hours ago
  • sativatravis shared a photo in the sativatravis's Photos album
    Found him playing with himself again!
    22 hours 39 minutes ago
    sativatravis Update Dont worry shabongers I still have my manhood & will supply you with the best seeds when I move you can bet on that... I am calling it magicBeaner gear ps I am taken my soil worms black walnut trees and secret weapons
    21 hours 49 minutes ago
  • Aja Kash shared a photo in the Aja Kash's Photos album
    aquaponics! 5 weeks flower, almost done!!!
    23 hours 59 minutes ago
    sativatravis Yes I did sir, and the plants can and are made to adapt better than the FISH the are the ones that have to be gradually weened and I asked if salamanders would work and same thing. I have never done Aqua but its common sense like having a plant grow off the lake shore with fish providing Nitrates and all other organisms man I cant wait
    5 hours 52 minutes ago
  • Aja Kash shared a photo in the Aja Kash's Photos album
    sativatravis Tip, hey butthead here you should have let those babys veg more! Reach Reach Reach Streeeetch lol but use a uvb bulb t2m says desert for reptiles I bet that would help with the reach and old john boy is testing those sleeper infared red spectrum to put our plants to sleep and I betcha less stress and reach
    23 hours 34 minutes ago
  • Osain_Dumuzi uploaded a new Profile cover
  • Aja Kash shared a photo in the album
    3 weeks into flower; Aquaponics!
    sativatravis I still can't believe it .. why in the heck did he have that sex change and blame it on Obame
    21 hours 6 minutes ago
  • Heyo friend glad to see you can take a joke I love to laugh what is up with all the serious members Life is too short. Laugh its a fact it's good for your health look it up!
    sativatravis check it out below people are too in the trance of narcos and cant laugh, Laugh you all its good for you trust me on this. lay off the pain killers and enjoy life
    21 hours 27 minutes ago
  • sativatravis shared a video.
    DRUG LORDZ Free Movie with Darkroom Familia's DUB, Sir Dyno

    Like us on our NEW Facebook: Here's another FULL LENGTH MOVIE free for you to enjoy! If you want your...

    crime dont pay, off of the MJ topic but a vid With David Rocha A ex dealer turned to God…. Just another little real movie for you shabongers.. Listen Begining 'In Colorado fool we got feria, Try to make a move and we'll Kill Ya' For real you guys have Mexican Mafia around metro and connections to the Sinaloa mex
    sativatravis Nothing thrills us more than to be able to make a difference in people's lives, helping them step forward into the fulfillment of their God-given destinies. David Rocha was first introduced to our curriculum while in prison. Now he is a CLU graduate, ordained by our ministry, and powerfully serving the Lord. Be inspired by his amazing story!
    22 hours 26 minutes ago
  • Xlambchopsx has just joined the Shabong community
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  • sativatravis shared a photo in the sativatravis's Photos album
    Update AppleBobber Is MIA If you have seen his goofy ass please pm me asap.

    Thank you
    MinnBobber MinnBobber/ AppleBobber is back. My new name is BudBobber. Fill a bucket with choice buds and I will provide live entertainment by bobbing for them :) Note: I don;t need to "mouth" really choice buds, they're so sticky that I go in forehead first and come out looking like sativatravis' avatar ;)
  • MitchTaber is friends with mojeeper
  • sativatravis shared a photo in the sativatravis's Photos album
    socod4nk The natives were fucked hard by our government and it's not much better today. I have Cherokee and Fox blood in my veins. Not a lot, but enough to be proud of that portion of my genetics. It is sickening what was done to those once great nations.
  • Big shout out to fellow Shabongers Travel2much & Mojeeper. Restoring humanity one lunch at a time! Thanks again guys, next time it's on me. Cheers to genuine hospitality and new friends!
    2 days ago
    sativatravis Let the Good Times Roll.... for real I read your post fast and I said 'Restoring humanity one launch at a time!

    I bet you did after lunch (never smoke on a empty stomach!)
    2 days ago

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