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  • Attn sativa lovers....check out the strain called 'Desfran'. Big yielder from old genetics!
    5 hours 9 minutes ago
  • It is amazing to me how you can grow 12 plants of the same strain from seed and get 12 different Pheno Types. It really makes one realize how difficult it must be to be a successful breeder...who may grow out 1000 plants only to choose that one superior plant to propagate.
    5 hours 19 minutes ago
  • coming out to visit Denver Wooohooo!!
    6 hours 9 minutes ago
    JeungOsirus off to be active on forum. thanks travel2much!
    5 hours 4 minutes ago
  • JeungOsirus has just joined the Shabong community
    7 hours 23 minutes ago
  • Travel2much has liked Agrogarden Profile
  • I am looking for info on the supreme healing qualities of Cannabis versus Opiates.
    Trying to convince someone who is very ill and rolling the dice with Pharma. Hope she doesn't roll snake eyes like so many do :(
    Pain relief, the most potent possible in comparison to the shit poison prescribed.
    Any info and resources appreciated :)
    Thank you.
    11 hours 48 minutes ago
    Travel2much +1 MinnB! Many of my friends have to take pharma pills to take the edge off at times however they are not a 'one every 4 hours' type of users. They take it only when needed and can usually get by with the correct strain of MMJ preventing the addictive power of opiates and maintaining a much better quality of life.
    7 hours 49 minutes ago
  • Yesterday was a terrible day for football. What a bunch of crazy games.
    15 hours 31 minutes ago
    Kage Kitsune My wife is from there and is a Green Bay fan. I'm a packer smacker, lol. Rodgers is overrated.
    10 hours 59 minutes ago
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  • Big win, Lion's superbowl bound!
    sativatravis funny doggie...It can be done look at Arizona lol, doing good and when i think football Arizona is last
  • Agrogarden shared a photo in the Harvest next week album
    The girls that are ready are supposed to be Big Bud, one smells like a fresh lemon, the other smells super strong fruit salad-ish. The tall plants...
    Travel2much Is it the BC version of Big Bud? I have heard of people growing this out with scents that were reminiscent of a sativa but only in the BC seeds. Very cool BTW!
    8 hours 1 minutes ago
  • The best part of waking up, is Point Of No Return.
    Kage Kitsune I can get anyone who wants it a cut of anything from my garden.
    15 hours 32 minutes ago
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  • Back to work... photo shoot with the ladies in Week 4 tonight.
  • Cornhoolio uploaded a new avatar.
    2 days ago
  • I'm already done watering.
    2 days ago

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