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  • armadillo420 has just joined the Shabong community
    6 hours 28 minutes ago
  • Dope
    7 hours 12 minutes ago…
    Interesting method of making solvent-less shatter. T-shirt press.

  • liljimmy has just joined the Shabong community
    11 hours 26 minutes ago
  • WhiteHotSnow shared a photo.
    18 hours 32 minutes ago

    500 colas per plant or GTFO

  • WhiteHotSnow shared a photo.
    18 hours 34 minutes ago

    We go hard in the muhfuggin plants

  • Darrel80

    Anyone know of recreational sales of keef? I've been looking for a while with no luck

    Dope Pretty sure Green Tree does, but call first. They have a few locations.
    7 hours 15 minutes ago
  • Darrel80 has just joined the Shabong community
  • weedgamer420

    I'm going to be in Denver next Thursday I hope to find some good herbs

  • weedgamer420 has just joined the Shabong community
  • Travel2much

    As always...great to see the MinnBobber crew looking all tanned and rested! Hopefully they will enjoy their happy jar!

    MinnBobber We are home in mini-snow- ta. Our cloaking device let us get thru nail-em Nebraska . I doo love my mini-vap and wish he could have tried it---hopefully next time! Just tried the goodness in the miniVAP and it is awesome.
    6 hours 37 minutes ago 1
  • echoez62
    2 days ago

    Hey Shabonger's,
    It's been awhile since I was here.I'm trying to make my way back to Denver.I ended up back home,when the work was finished.Check out link : ,

    Thank You,

  • JohnnyTHCeeds
    3 days ago

    I finally got some video up on the Induction lights…

  • JohnnyTHCeeds
    3 days ago

    I find it interesting that just one year ago the polls showed that 60% of the people in this country wanted legalized medical cannabis. Now it's 86%.... Mar 28 2015 00:28:20 GMT+0000 (UTC)&ip=

    Medical Marijuana Gains Momentum in Congress Bipartisan medical marijuana legislation is picking up steam on Capitol Hill. On Monday, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN), joined by Rep. Don Young (R-AK), introduced
    JohnnyTHCeeds Rand Paul is a Libertarian in wolfs clothing. People who love liberty can't help but love this guy.
  • JohnnyTHCeeds
    3 days ago

    Cool new tech.... Check it out...

    HP Video Gallery 1C15 HP Pavilion Mini Desktop Video
  • chasss has just joined the Shabong community
    3 days ago
  • MasonianInstitute
    3 days ago

    Hey all This is my kinda forum! Heehee

    alpine archer welcome to the fourm
    3 days ago
  • MasonianInstitute
    3 days ago

    Our little ones

  • MasonianInstitute has just joined the Shabong community
    3 days ago
  • alpine archer
    4 days ago

    Alright Travel after growing, flowering,harvesting and now smoking super lemon haze.I will say it is very recommendable.

    alpine archer mine was in flower for 70 days I really haven't had anything from a dispensaries that was of any true quality
    2 days ago 1

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