2015 High Times Cannabis Cup Denver, CO

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  • MMRockiesFrisco shared a photo.
    1 hour 42 minutes ago

    The lawsuit against might possibly set the precedent for the future of legal marijuana in the United States. We are willing to be the martyr. Follow all that is going on with #fight4it

  • captkody
    4 hours 23 minutes ago

    so, does anyone know anything about relaxed clarity? go there Saturday for medical card.

  • MMRockiesFrisco
    5 hours 14 minutes ago

    Help us fight D.C.-based Safe Street Alliance and its bogus lawsuit against our CO dispensary that has forced us to close our doors. They are asking the federal courts to order CO officials to comply with federal law regarding LEGAL marijuana sales. Our legal fees are too much, but the fight is worth it. Consider donating on our Fundrazr page to keep it legal. Anything helps. bit.ly/…

  • 4thStreetMedical1 created a new topic ' Daily Marijuana Use May Not Damage Brain' in the forum.
    17 hours 2 minutes ago

    The Journal of Neuroscience recently published the results of a new study on the use of marijuana in both teens and adults. This article is likely to give added ammunition for the legalization of marijuana as it states that there is no indication that marijuana makes any changes in the brains of regular users.

  • 4thStreetMedical1
    17 hours 14 minutes ago

    Medical marijuana is quickly being recognized in many countries as an effective medicine for various health conditions. What is not widely understood yet by the medical profession, however, is why cannabis strains are most effective in treating specific illnesses.To know more read here blog.4thstreetmedical.com/top-6-high-thc-marijuana-strains-medical-marvels/